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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:24 am 
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The NCFCA has one hundred and five official Apologetics topics. Stoa has one hundred and twenty-two.

Let that sink in: Apologetics competitors must be prepared to speak for six minutes on any of over 100 topics with only four minutes of prep time. That requires an immense amount of work beforehand researching, organizing, and writing.

This is the "problem" with Apologetics. It takes too long! This limited preparation event seems to require unlimited and unending preparation. No matter how much you research, the specter of drawing three topics you are unprepared to speak on hovers like a storm cloud over you, precluding any measure of confidence.

Some speakers are in a perpetual state of panic between tournaments, frantically researching and writing as many cards as they can, hoping they’ll be thoroughly equipped for competition. They embody the adage, “Speech and debate is life. Everything else is just prep time.” While our inner nerd may chuckle at this saying, living it is no laughing matter.

The alternative is, if possible, even worse. Competitors forsake all specifics and collect as much generic information as they can. They aren’t anywhere near thoroughly equipped; their research is a mile wide and an inch deep. They walk into their Apologetics rounds armed only with the vague and tenuous hope that they’ll be able to find something that applies to the topic they draw.

Apologetics speakers are trapped in a vicious dichotomy, caught between a rock and a hard place, forced to choose between two undesirable options . Some students are better at dealing with it than others, but this dichotomy is still vicious.

But there is a solution. That solution is Thoroughly Equipped: The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics. This Apologetics curriculum introduces the Conceptual Organizational System, created by Caleb DeLon. The Conceptual Organizational System reorganizes the 100+ topics into a series of 25 concepts. Each of these concepts has 2-6 of the official topics underneath it. Each of the 25 “Concept Cards” is general enough to apply to multiple topics, but each topic has its own card where you can place details specific to that topic. This massively reduces your workload while preserving your ability to speak on whichever topic you choose.

Thoroughly Equipped recently launched and is currently available for purchase. Even better, it doesn’t matter whether you compete in Stoa or NCFCA—Thoroughly Equipped has both a Stoa and an NCFCA edition!

Even if you don’t compete in Apologetics, you can also purchase Thoroughly Equipped as a resource for personal Bible study. The 25 concepts all deal with basic tenets of Christianity, and studying them can be a great way to dig deeper into the Bible. The topics under a concept can be viewed as separate aspects of that concept, several different ways of looking at it. If you do compete in Apologetics, this is just an added bonus!

You can write over 100 six-minute speeches or attempt to piece together a specific speech with generic information during your prep time. Or you can purchase Thoroughly Equipped: The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics and learn how you can master Apologetics by writing only 25 cards. The choice is yours.

Which do you choose?

For more information on Thoroughly Equipped and how you can master Apologetics by writing only 25 cards, visit

Caleb DeLon
Master Apologetics by Writing Only 25 Cards!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:40 am 
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I can totally vouch for this. It really has helped me put together a conclusive organization system that I am sure will come in handy next year.
Plus for a lazybones like me this is a Godsend.

~Jacob Beaver

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:58 am 
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Get this. It will definitely be worth it! I mean, I spent so many hours trying to make a card for each about a waste of time lol :P

-The Jeester

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